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Take as few things as you can, since you will have to carry them for at least eight hours a day.

It is highly recommended staying in Cusco at least 2 nights to get use to the altitude.

Weather and clothes: the weather changes a lot during the day since after sunset or when the sun gets covered by clouds the temperature falls rapidly. Thus, it is very important to take a warm jacket since it’s very cold at night. Water proof coats are very useful since they are light to carry and protect from rain and wind. In Ollallaytambo there is a stand were you can buy very practical raincoats for few soles.

Shoes: if you have trekking shoes (Salomon or similar) they are very useful. In case you don’t there is no need to buy them. The key of an appropriate type of shoes is that they should be comfortable as to walk eight hours a day. If you have a pair of old tennis shoes that are comfortable for you, even though they are not trekking shoes, you should wear them. If you decide to buy a pair of shoes before the Trail, be sure of using them before since new shoes usually provoke swelling and blisters. Using water proof spray on your shoes is always a good choice to prevent your feet from getting wet.

Walking sticks: they are really useful during the whole Trail. They are also sold at Ollallaytambo.

Water: we recommend you buying mineral water during the trek. Never drink water from springs during the trail. You should keep in mind that you must drink mineral water only while you are in Peru (Cusco, the jungle) also to wash your teeth, and avoid drinks with ice.

Other advise: repellents for mosquitoes, flashlight (one every two people so as to find the restrooms at night, where there are any), sun block, batteries (for digital cameras).

Food: do not take any since the one we will provide you is plenty.

In case you have any questions, please write to: (

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